Job Skills: Preparing to Enter the Workforce

The continuation of learning and practicing job skills after a child with intellectual disabilities "ages out" of the school system is an area that is being overlooked and extremely essential. Dragonfly Ranch wants to continue working on these much needed skills.

Our focus is helping them develop skills to be successful in the workplace. Depending upon the needs and strengths of each individual, there are multiple ways to teach these skills.

Dragonfly Ranch will expect everyone to follow and give directions as requested, communicate information in whatever fashion works best for each individual, learning to effectively understand and process information, request and offer assistance.

We will also work on cooperation, displaying appropriate workplace behavior, maintaining good personal hygiene and appearance, learning appropriate discussions in the workplace, knowing when it is appropriate to socialize while on the job, use social problem-solving techniques, handling conflfit, following and accepting instructions, getting along with and respecting others, being punctual, calling when sick.

Once aging out of the school system, many of these children due to their delays in learning need to continue working on communication, decision making and interpersonal skills.