"The next step to a meaningful life"

Empowering Lives

Dragonfly Ranch is committed to the belief that adults with developmental and intellectual differences are valuable assets to our communities. These individuals need to be provided with opportunities after they age out of the school system. Our mission is to support them in building self-esteem to encourage them to reach their full potential. We will guide them in building confidence and increase their independence through goal oriented activities. 

The skills we will be focusing on are as follows, but not limited to:

  • Fine/gross motor
  • Telling time
  • Time management
  • Counting money
  • Maintaining focus
  • Minimizing verbal/physical prompts
  • Communicating with others
  • Socializing with others
  • Managing overstimulation (visual, auditory, touch, taste and smell)
  • Activites of daily living
  • Following directions

Dragonfly Ranch will empower the lives of those with intellectual and developmental differences by providing social, educational, and vocational opportunities to build their independence, as well as pursue their goals.

We, at Dragonfly Ranch, want to make an impact in our comunities by increasing, motivating and giving the opportunity for these young adults to do more 'everyday' tasks on their own.

Dragonfly Ranch believes inclusion in society matters.

We want to help you understand why your loved one appears unmotivated, so that we can effectively coach them to grow and break down their learned helplessness. Learned helplessness refers to a learned belief an individual experiences when they consider themselves to be helpess. This usually results in the individual giving up or quitting because of their beleif that they are incapable of solving a difficult situation. We want to understand their learned helplessness and help them increase their self-esteem.

It can be emotionally, mentally and physically draining for the caretaker to prompt loved ones on a daily basis. Dragonfly Ranch wants to assist them to learn routines and daily living skills by fading out both physical and verbal prompting and developing independence.

Dragonfly Ranch wants to help families and caregivers build up their loved one's abilities so that they are contributing at home. We want to ensure they have the skills to be safe.