About Us

Meet Kristin and Ali.  Co-founders of Dragonfly Ranch.  Single moms recognizing the need for our children  to continue to succeed after they "age out" of the school system


As the mother of two children with Fragile X (an intellectual disability), it quickly became apparent that the opportunities for them to experience and being active individuals in society was extremely limited.  Additionally, being the caregiver of two adults with a disability was going to be difficult.

This is when I came up with the idea of Dragonfly Ranch, started doing research and drafting a Business Plan.  As this was happening, another mom who also had a child with intellectual disabilities, who was one of my closest friends, quickly jumped on board to help make this dream become a reality.  Unfortunately, my girlfriend passed away before our dream came true.  Her older daughter has now come on board and with her creativity and belief in this dream we are making great strides in getting closer to making this dream come true.

This is not just a job to us, it is personal.  Our goal is to create an atmosphere where families can find assistance, not only to find the tools they need to help their loved ones succeed, but will also have a sympathetic person who can help guide them through what can be a frustrating and tiring process.  We believe that we can all agree that services most times have limitations, our goal is to make our organization work for everyone, especially the most vulnerable people who need our services.

When people feel included in their community, they naturally develop and grow their talents.  This provides immense value to any groups they attend, and the friends and family that they interact with.

Diversity and inclusion breed productivity and innovation in our community and the ability to learn and grow from each other is exponentially expanded.